About Us

Truthfully, there are more than a few production companies in Los Angeles, California, and it can be hard to stand out. Although we do strive to deliver the highest quality videos at the lowest cost feasible, we also pride ourselves on making the entire experience – from conception to final delivery – as transparent, seamless, and enjoyable as possible. The beauty of production lies in the collaboration of so many individuals, each with their own goals and motivations. When a company can bring everyone together to create the greatest sum of all skillsets, the results will speak for themselves.


The term “Service Company” might sound strange, but we have come to learn that it satisfies a need that many don’t know they have. For large production companies looking to scale and take on more work, while still desiring to maintain client relationships and creative control, a service company allows them to streamline the execution of a job. We take on the insurance, accounting, crewing up, and everything in between, so the production company can focus on client interface and creative development, and not over-encumber their accounting department and internal staff.

Tanner Sawitz

Tanner Sawitz

Owner, Producer, LP

Owner of Leviathan, Tanner is good at 2 things: Producing and making tiny pots. He is seen here pondering the purpose of his screenwriting degree.

Tanner graduated from Chapman University with a desire to write things for the big screen. Soon after, he discovered a love for figuring out just how those things were made, from budgeting to logistics on set. He began coordinating and production managing, stepping away from Final Draft to start his own production company, Leviathan Filmworks, in 2017.

Tanner has production managed and produced for companies such as Google, Facebook, Toyota, Coldplay, and Vizio, among many others. He believes that solid communication and efficient collaboration are the keys to a good production.

Joel Jay Blacker

Joel Jay Blacker

Director, Editor, Head of Post Production

Beginning his film career as a 1st Assistant Director, Joel gained a strong understanding of how a set should be run. Although he has enjoyed AD’ing for names such as Staples, Snapchat, Comedy Central, Ring, and Steve Aoki, he is also an accomplished writer/director.

Joel has worked closely with Leviathan since its inception, adding creative value and direction accumulated from his varied experiences as AD, director, writer, and editor.

Joel and Tanner found common ground on the belief that if you treat your people right, they will do the same for you. In the infamous world of production, they strive to do the best they can for clients, crew, and the company.